An iMessage Sticker App full of quirky phrases & replies


    You Said It! currently has 189 phrases & replies that you can use to quickly respond to your friends and family with.


    • 47 free stickers
    • 142 more premium stickers

    A single in-app-purchase of the 'more stickers' package will grant access to ALL of the stickers we have to offer. This includes stickers we add in the future.


    • To access iMessage apps, open a message to a friend and tap the iMessage App Store icon next to the compose field.
    • The current iMessage app name will appear at the bottom.
    • Tap the four oval icon on the lower left corner to open the app drawer.
    • Swipe left until you find 'You Said It!', then tap the app to open it.
    • If the 'You Said It!' app isn't there (and you've already downloaded it), then you'll need to enable it.
      • Goto the iMessage store on the first page from the list of iMessage apps.
      • Click the 'Manage' tab.
      • Scroll through the list and enable the 'You Said It!' app, then continue from the previous step.
    • Click 'Free' to view & use the free stickers package. Click 'More' to preview or use the more stickers package.
    • Tap a sticker to send as a new message.
    • Tap & drag stickers over a previous message to place them on top of the message (or other stickers).

    Like our stickers? Want more stickers and features? Write a positive review of our sticker package to encourage us to make more stickers and add more features!